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Facing a move to Abu Dhabi

When I heard my husband was being transferred to the Middle East my first thought was how different it would be there, the food, weather, language, culture. I had just been made redundant from my admin job so I was quite excited about the change, my main concern was for my children.

We have a daughter and a son, who were six and eight at the time. They were well established in their school and had a good group of friends, not to mention the after school clubs and weekend play dates. We were honest with them from the start and explained everything every step of the way.

My daughter couldn’t quite imagine how different it would be or comprehend the finality of it. My son only really got upset when we packed up his room and had a goodbye party for his friends. I found I was so busy worrying about how the kids would cope I didn’t have time to think how I would manage.

I was worried about uprooting them and planting them in a completely alien country. However, I shouldn’t have been so worried, it turns out they adjusted quicker than I did!

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