Your stories: Nov 2013
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North Pole :)

Posted by admin

I’ve been asked to tell a tale
But promise you won’t tell a soul
About my move to the … Wait for it….
Don’t think this a lie, don’t you dare!!!
If you doubt me for one second,
You can ask my dear friend, Mr. Polar bear
Oh the North Pole, an exciting journey indeed
There you will find everything you need
Its amazing until
you experience the cold, it will give you quite a chill
Not to forget the blizzard breeze
In all honesty like a Popsicle you will freeze
But although the environment is quite new
All the penguins and bears and birds will welcome you
Make you an igloo and hot chocolate to warm your belly
Oh and also the snowball fights which are frankly fun and silly
It surely is a big change from the desert to the great land above
But I’m sure after getting used to it your heart will be filled with love
My point is when you move wherever you roam
In the end it’s home sweet home 🙂

The End