What other people thought

As the grandmother of 3 beautiful young children, it is certainly upsetting to see them move abroad. The Moving Planet book, however, is a wonderful tool, and allowed me to take part in the family’s leaving process. I was also able to spend valuable time with my grandchildren, and explain to them that they will love their new home, that I will be visiting regularly, and that I am always on the other end of the phone.


Colourful and imaginative book that also offers useful information to parents about how to interact with children when breaking news about a move. I hope there is a new book in the series soon, to catch up on Flup and his family!


My children are 4 and 6, and were finding it difficult to accept why we were moving to Australia, a long way away from their friends and grandparents. Although Moving Planet didn’t provide all the solutions, it was a fun and simple way to interact with the kids and help them understand that a move brings new opportunities and experiences.

Claire Haynes

The kids loved it, my youngest especially enjoyed the part where Flup imagines how scary humans are!


Great story and design. A good initiative for parents as well – we had some heated discussions with our kids when we were thinking about moving to California last year.


The book was good, I think jumping on moons on Xtron would be fun. It’s cool he’s never seen a football before too.

Matt (Aged 7)