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From Negar

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So far everybody is telling story about their move to another country. My big wish is to move somewhere which I can find a real love. To find a job which I am enjoying of doing it. To have my life and freedom in a way I want. To have friends who are not money oriented, friends who are not showing off. To move somewhere that I can have a real life and enjoy it. I would love to move to a country which has 4 seasons, to have a job that I LOVE to do and enjoy it. To have enough money to go on a normal trip and see the rest of the world as long as I am young. Iā€™m 34 lady/single and I just went to Dubai 2 times for work from companies I worked for. Both trips together were 4-5 days. I love to see new people, to know different cultures and traditions. I love to move and experience new things in life. I don’t like to live my youth age the way I am doing now. šŸ™‚